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    Our flying field is the Former Champaign Municipal Landfill which was operated as a municipal solid waste landfill from approximately 1955 to 1975. As an AMA chartered Club our goal is to provide a forum for club members to exchange ideas and benefit from each others experiences with the hobby of building and the sport of flying radio controlled model aircraft. We are committed to promoting the enjoyment of safe R/C flying in accordance with AMA and Champaign County Radio Control Club rules and guidelines.

    Mailing Address Field Location
    CCRCC 3616 W. Bloomington Rd.
    P.O. Box 6105 Champaign, Il.
    Champaign, Il. 61820

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    • By JShumate in Model Airplane News
      Editor Gerry Yarrish starts his Video How To Series for Wing Repair with this Part 1 installment. Stay tuned as Gerry will be posting more videos showing his repair techniques.

      The post How To Video Series — Wing Repair Part 1 appeared first on Model Airplane News.

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    • By JShumate in Model Airplane News
      Helmut Müller’s 85% scratch-built Bücker looks like it could carry a small person! The 17.5-foot-span model weighs in at 286 pounds and is powered by a Hirth 521cc 2-stroke (intended for an ultralight!) turning a Fiala 60 x 20 wood propeller. The model uses industrial-quality Tonegawa Seiko servos, a redundant radio system and a dual-ignition starter. Helmut glued and sewed the Seconite covering (like that used on some man-carrying planes) that replicates the plane that Romanian captain Alex Papana flew at the Olympic Games in 1936 (the first and last time that flying was an Olympic sport). Thanks go  to RC Media World for sharing this great footage from the Megaflugshow in Göttingen, Germany.

      The post Really Big Bücker Jungmeister appeared first on Model Airplane News.

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    • By JShumate in Model Airplane News
      Many people today who are involved professionally in aviation, both manned and unmanned, started as hobby flyers of model aircraft. And many of these professionals still fly as hobbyists in addition to their professional capacities. Section 336 is the part of the FAA Act that allows hobbyist and recreational model aircraft flights without the burden of pilot licenses and technological mandates. It’s a safe tradition that has been around for many decades, and is now under attack by Silicon Valley and K Street Lobbyists.
      Google is Lobbying Congress For an Airspace “Land Rush” Premised on Kicking Out the Natives – By Over-Regulating Model Aircraft
      That’s right- some, including subsidiaries of Google, are petitioning Congress to eliminate the Special Rule for Model Aircraft – also known as Section 336. In my opinion, it’s rent-seeking behavior looking for special treatment and special access to the public’s skies, by forcing unreasonable and unnecessary regulations like pilots licenses and technology mandates on hundreds of thousands of safe, proven model aviators. It’s a land rush premised on kicking out the natives.
      The AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) is the national organization of over 80 years that has sought to educate and protect hobbyists. If you are a member, use this link to let your United States Senators and Congressional Representatives know that you want to preserve Section 336 http://www.oneclickpolitics.com/messages/edit?promo_id=4225
      If you are not an AMA member (and even if you are), please consider writing and calling your United States Senators and Congressional Representatives to let them know that you want to preserve Section 336. Act now, or it will be too late.
      Act Now to Preserve Section 336 and Model Aircraft in Your Own Way
      The post Act Now to Preserve Section 336 and Model Aircraft appeared first on Model Airplane News.

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    • By JShumate in Model Airplane News
      So my Fokker Triplane had been finished for a few weeks and the airplane had flown several times without any problems. But there is that big issue of an empty cockpit. So, I converted my old Mini-Me 1/3 scale pilot figure into a WW1 leather helmet and goggles guy with a great set of cloths including a great leather jacket and some black trousers. With a proper Triplane driver, I still needed to make the guy a good looking (and removable) pilot seat. Where to start?

      Go to a dollar store and look for some woven straw place mats or a cheap straw hat with a wide brim. Cut out a horseshoe shape from some foam poster board and size it for your pilot’s butt. Roll the woven straw material around the poster board and mark for your cut lines. Cut out the material and use some ZAP Goo adhesive and and let dry with some weights added until dry. Cut out some more of the material and glue it to the seat top.

      For seatbelts I cut some slots in the seat and glue in some Velcro straps. This way the pilot can be secured in place without gluing him in place.

      To secure the seat in the fuselage I used a spruce crosspiece and a couple hardwood blocks and screws at each side of the cockpit

      The seat does a great job hiding the radio gear and puts the pilot figure at the proper height so he looks correct during flight.

      In the back where the seat contacts the aft former, I used some stick-on magnets to make a firm but easy to remove connection.

      My new Mini-Me looks the part of a WW1 Triplane pilot. His seat is also accurate for that era of aviation. The clothing I used came from Wendy at www.perfect-pilots.co.uk .

      Strapped in, The seat is now glued to the crosspiece. When dry remove the screws and the seat is easy to remove for access to the radio.

      Add a couple of scale Spandau machine guns and we’re good to go! Anybody see where Snoopy went with his Sopwith Doghouse?!
      The post How To Turn a Straw Hat into a Scale Pilot Seat appeared first on Model Airplane News.

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  • Upcoming Events

    • 21 April 2018 10:30 PM Until 22 April 2018 12:30 AM
      Note: Two dates are Sundays and highlighted in yellow in the attachment.
      Attached is information regarding model airplane flying in the Armory for Spring 2018.  There are dates scheduled with each night open to anyone with an AMA membership or affiliated with a Registered Student Organization (RSO). The facility will be closed to other activities so flying can take over the entire facility (Expectations will be clearly defined with the staff). We may still have to contend with track equipment on the floor but at least we will not have to worry about people in the facility.
      Please read the attached document that includes all the details. Please pass this on to your flying associates at Horizon, Hobbico, and members of the local RC club.
      Spring 2018 Armory Track UAV Rules & Regulations.pdf
    • 24 April 2018 12:00 AM Until 01:00 AM
      Social Meeting at Huber's (1312 W. Church St., Champaign, Illinois, 61821) - 7:00PM
    • 21 June 2018 02:00 PM Until 23 June 2018 08:00 PM
      Fox Valley Aero Club proudly announces our fifth annual Windy City Warbirds & Classics Event. We invite all pilots that own models meeting type and IMAA size requirements to join us for four days of flying at the fabulous Fox Valley Aero Club flying field.
      The event covers 3 days of flying on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with an open fly day on Sunday.  All WCWC participants are welcome to stay and fly on Sunday. No aircraft restrictions on Sunday only. 
      We feature both paved (50' x 800') and grass (100' x 850') runways, an unobstructed flight pattern, large pit area, six flight stations, a pavilion with nine battery charging stations, electricity and space for camping and RVs (no hook ups). Additionally, we have nightly aircraft storage with on-site security. The flying site is minutes away from resturants, shopping, hotels and a local hobby shop. Pizza will be available at the field on Friday evening. On Saturday we will have a Pilots Dinner and Awards banquet at the field. 
      For some great video coverage and pictures of a past Windy City Warbird event, follow the link below to view article from Model Aviation magazine:
      The registration fee is $40 when paid before 6/21/18. Registration at the event is $45. The pilot's banquet dinner is included in the registration fee. Additional banquet dinners can be purchased for $15. Friday Pizza Night tickets can also be purchased with your registration for $10, and event T-shirts and hats are $20 each. Payment for registration, dinners and apparel items can be sent to: Joe Pedone, 753 Waterside Drive, South Elgin, IL 60177, or paid on this site using PayPal or credit card. On-line registration will be available through 6/17/18.
      NOTE - Before registering, please refer to the "RULES & SANCTION INFORMATION" section for eligible aircraft information.
      >> Register Here <<
      The Windy City Warbirds & Classic event is proud to be a member of the Warbirds and Classics Alliance. Learn more about the WCA and other Warbird events at http://www.warbirdandclassics.com/ and how you can become a Warbird Warrior.
      For information and ideas on things to do while visiting our beautiful city of St. Charles, IL., click on the following link to the St. Charles Visitor Website at http://www.visitstcharles.com/  . Here you can find great ideas for all types of dining, shopping, etc. 
    • 28 September 2018 02:00 PM Until 30 September 2018 08:00 PM
      Streator RC Flyers announces our ninth annual Fall Scramble Warbirds & Classics Event. All sizes warbird and classic pre-1967 aircraft are welcome.
      The event covers 3 days of flying on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Come spend the weekend flying off of our finely groomed 185' x 640' grass runway.  
      Onsite overnight storage for aircraft. Primitive camping onsite for pilots, early arrivals welcome. Food and refreshments onsite, raffles, and pilot's dinner on Sunday courtesy of Dynamic Balsa.
      >> Register Here <<

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    Mailing Address Field Location
    CCRCC 3616 W. Bloomington Rd.
    P.O. Box 6105 Champaign, Il.
    Champaign, Il. 61820
    61826-6105 Click Here for
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