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    Our flying field is the Former Champaign Municipal Landfill which was operated as a municipal solid waste landfill from approximately 1955 to 1975. As an AMA chartered Club our goal is to provide a forum for club members to exchange ideas and benefit from each others experiences with the hobby of building and the sport of flying radio controlled model aircraft. We are committed to promoting the enjoyment of safe R/C flying in accordance with AMA and Champaign County Radio Control Club rules and guidelines.

    Mailing Address Field Location
    CCRCC 3616 W. Bloomington Rd.
    P.O. Box 6105 Champaign, Il.
    Champaign, Il. 61820

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    • By JShumate in Model Airplane News
      From HobbyKing:
      Introducing the highly anticipated and eagerly awaited, Avios Grand Tundra. Don’t miss out! Secure your Grand Tundra Today
      The Durafly Tundra has a massive cult following within the RC community and rightfully so as It’s easily one of the best flying models on the market with an impressive flight envelope. The overwhelming success of the Tundra fueled our ambition to design a larger version of the Durafly Tundra. Following in the footsteps of its smaller cousin, the Grand Tundra encompasses all your favorite features but on a larger scale.
      Enjoy short take-off and landings with huge 90-degree flaps, wing vortex generators, large tundra wheels, optional floats, navigation lights and much more. The Grand Tundra happily flies on 4S, however, on 6S you’ll realize there is another side to the GT. This is when the GT comes to life as it’s no ordinary PNF model. If you have never tried skis or floats then this plane is for you and its something that everyone must try as there is nothing like landing or taking off on water. Note: Floats and Skis are optional.
      The Grand Tundra is an impressive RC aircraft with a huge presence in the air. The wide flight envelope makes for a very forgiving aircraft giving you the confidence to challenge yourself. From slow flight through to fast aerobatics, the Grand Tundra does it all with such finesse. Featuring metal gear servos, ball-linked control rods, glider tow point and navigational lights – Attach your camera to the FPV cockpit tray to put yourself in the driver’s seat for a truly epic ride.
      Adventure awaits with the Avois Grand Tundra.
      Wide flight envelope for stability 90-degree flaps for short take-off and landing Quality metal gear servos and ball-linked control rods Large soft Tundra wheels with actuating suspension Wing vortexes Cockpit tray for FPV cameras Navigational and landing lights Available in two schemes – Blue & Silver and Green & Gold Glider tow point Generous battery bay Optional Floats and Skis Specs:
      Wingspan: 1700mm (66.9″)
      Length: 1260mm (49.6″)
      Motor: SK3 5045 500kV
      ESC: Aerostar 60A RVS Reversing ESC
      Propeller: 17×8 for 4S battery OR 16×8 for 6S battery
      1 x 7 channel radio/receiver 1 x 4-6S 4000mAh Lipo Battery Note: Optional Floats/Skis are not available for Pre-Order at the present time, but will be available soon
      #9499000262-0 – Avios Grand Tundra – Green/Gold 1700mm (67″) Sports Model (PNF) – $349.87
      #9499000263-0 – Avios Grand Tundra – Blue/Silver 1700mm (67″) Sports Model (PNF) – $349.87
      Visit HobbyKing.com
      See more posts about HobbyKing

      The post HobbyKing Avios Grand Tundra 1700mm (67″) Sports Model (PNF) [VIDEO] appeared first on Model Airplane News.

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    • By JShumate in Model Airplane News
      WHAT IF? Hacker’s engineers like to ask that question. What if there was a way to get extreme accuracy AND eliminate a point of failure that has plagued traditional servos for many years? What if there was a way to manage a servo motor so it produces more torque AND draws less power? What if there was a way to deliver data feedback from a servo?
      Hacker Ditex Servos USA engineers started with a clean slate for their DITEX telemetry servos. They used the latest in digital position encoders and a powerful 32bit processor to replace the analog potentiometers and inefficient motor drives found in most other servos. DITEX is truly a digital servo!
      Premium coreless motors offer impressive torque. Especially when their efficiency curves are carefully mapped and the servo is programmed to meter out power to ensure maximum performance without generating damaging heat.
      Remember that huge processor? It offers amazing programmability (via a USB adapter and the DITEX Manager Windows software) and delivers numerous data points to compatible telemetry systems.
      DITEX MANAGER Graphic User Interface
      Connect all Ditex servos to the intuitive graphic interface using a simple USB adapter (available separately). Set numerous parameters, configure behaviors, read data from the servo and make the installation your own!

      Downloads the Ditex Manager Software here: DITEX MANAGER SOFTWARE
      Note: You must have a Compatible USB adapter AND a Ditex servo connected to the computer to access the programs.
      DITEX + JETI for Telemetry Servos Jeti-Duplex-EX-logo
      JETI s.r.o will soon offer hardware and software to enable DITEX telemetry servos to communicate critical servo data with pilots using the amazing JETI DUPLEX telemetry system. DITEX telemetry servos deliver servo performance information via the signal wire to compatible host devices. The information includes:
      Servo temperature
      Arm position
      Current draw
      Total servo run time
      For more information, go to Hacker Motor USA. The post Hacker Ditex Telemetry Servos appeared first on Model Airplane News.

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    • By JShumate in Model Airplane News
      Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. (ASA) is one of the largest suppliers of pilot training products and supplies in the world. You can find ASA products on the internet, at your local airport, or on your favorite bookstore shelf. ASA has been delivering quality training products to manned aircraft pilots for years, and now has products to educate drone operators and help them become professional remote pilots.
      5 Reasons You Need ASA In Your Life
      Trust. ASA materials have been training student pilots, certificated pilots, flight instructors, aviation maintenance technicians, air traffic controllers, and career aviators for nearly 80 years. With federal aviation regulations in place for remote pilot certification, it is a natural fit for ASA to deliver the time-tested and trusted test preparation platforms that remote pilots can rely on.
      Flexibility. Some folks love to study on their computer while others prefer a traditional book, and still others would rather study on their mobile devices. ASA provides multiple study platforms and options to buy individually or to use together. If you like books, ASA’s best-selling Remote Pilot Test Prep book is the way to go. Rather study on your computer? Install ASA Prepware software, available on DVD or as a download. Like to work in the cloud? Get a subscription to Prepware.com and study on any internet-connected device. If you like a variety of study choices to suit different environments, a Test Prep bundle that includes book, software, and online access is the way to go – the Remote Pilot Test Prep bundle is the best value. Supplement your study with an ASA Prepware App, available for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.
      Free updates. The FAA makes changes to the Knowledge Exams 3 times a year. ASA provides a free update service throughout the year, posting updates on the website so students can be confident they are studying the most updated information. Sign up for free test updates here: www.asa2fly.com/testupdate
      Reliability. ASA has been around for many years providing trusted training materials for pilots, since before WWII. ASA intricately knows the testing processes and procedures and will be there to help you through it when you are ready to learn and earn that certificate. You might decide you want to add a rating and learn to fly an airplane or a helicopter. ASA has materials to help you navigate the skies for any aircraft you want to operate.
      The future. ASA continually publishes educational and informational books relevant to the dynamic UAS community. The world of drones has only just begun to reveal the many practical applications and jobs that exist now and will become available in the next few years. As technology advances, more and more flying machines will take to the air. When they do, you will likely need a license to fly them, and ASA will be ready to train you to be a safe, competent pilot.  

      The post Cash in on your RC experience! appeared first on Model Airplane News.

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    • By JShumate in Model Airplane News
      This Memorial Day essay comes to us from Flight Journal editor-in-chief Budd Davisson.
      This is going to sound trite, because it IS trite. It is me, representing the old fashioned, hardcore America, once again reminding the Nation that Memorial Day is not about hot dogs, baseball games, or making cannonball splashes in the pool. Memorial Day is about white stone monuments reaching to the horizon. Each with a small American flag, waving over them. It is about remembering what lies under each.
      Memorial Day is about names on a black stone wall, gray-headed men leaning against it, their fingers tracing a familiar name, their tears streaking the wall.
      Memorial Day is reaching up on the mantel and bringing  down a fading black and white picture of a man we would have known as Granddad, had he made it across the beach at Normandy. Or the blaze hadn’t gotten to him before he was able to parachute clear of his burning craft.
      Memorial Day is about the last notes of “Taps” echoing off the trees on the far side of a cemetery as we stand, heads bowed, and we make no attempt to stop our own tears from flowing. If we aren’t crying, we aren’t remembering.
      This day is about remembering who made us what we are. Remembering who gave us our freedom. It is about re-dedicating ourselves to the ideals for which so many thousands of very young men have shed their blood to preserve.
      Memorial Day should be a period of time where we stand still for just as few moments to look around and remember that who, and what, we once were, we can be again. It is us making a firm decision that we aren’t going to let all of those sacrifices be in vain. They fought for our freedom and we will fight our way through any obstacle to preserve what they have given us. Nothing will stop us from being the Americans so many young men and women thought we were when, with their dying breath, they remembered why they were there. We can’t, and we won’t, let them down.
      Memorial Day is about remembering. And honoring. Period.
      The post A Day to Remember and to Honor appeared first on Model Airplane News.

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  • Join us for our event "Barnstormers over Champaign" on August 25th and 26th

    Pilots can Register Here

    View Event Listing Here

  • Upcoming Events

    • 29 May 2018 12:00 AM Until 01:00 AM
      Social Meeting at CCRCC Flying Field - 7:00PM
    • 31 May 2018 10:00 PM Until 12:00 AM
      Join CCRCC at the airfield and learn to fly RC airplanes. Our instructors have trained many new pilots to fly on their own using the buddy box system and flight simulators where you are free from the burden and fear of crashing an airplane. 
      Every Thursday beginning May 17th (weather permitting) at 5:00PM at our airfield at 3616 Bloomington Rd, Champaign
      NOTE - While it is our intention that all students be able to get multiple flights in during each training session, this is also a fluid event based on the availability of instructors on any given week, the amount of students on any given week, and dependent on aircraft not having any flight issues.
      For weather updates casuing possible cancellation of that weeks training please check our Facebook page about 45 minutes before the scheduled start time https://www.facebook.com/ChampaignCountyRcClub/
    • 12 June 2018 12:00 AM Until 01:00 AM
      CCRCC Business Meeting at CCRCC Flying Field - 7:00PM
    • 21 June 2018 02:00 PM Until 23 June 2018 08:00 PM
      Fox Valley Aero Club proudly announces our fifth annual Windy City Warbirds & Classics Event. We invite all pilots that own models meeting type and IMAA size requirements to join us for four days of flying at the fabulous Fox Valley Aero Club flying field.
      The event covers 3 days of flying on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with an open fly day on Sunday.  All WCWC participants are welcome to stay and fly on Sunday. No aircraft restrictions on Sunday only. 
      We feature both paved (50' x 800') and grass (100' x 850') runways, an unobstructed flight pattern, large pit area, six flight stations, a pavilion with nine battery charging stations, electricity and space for camping and RVs (no hook ups). Additionally, we have nightly aircraft storage with on-site security. The flying site is minutes away from resturants, shopping, hotels and a local hobby shop. Pizza will be available at the field on Friday evening. On Saturday we will have a Pilots Dinner and Awards banquet at the field. 
      For some great video coverage and pictures of a past Windy City Warbird event, follow the link below to view article from Model Aviation magazine:
      The registration fee is $40 when paid before 6/21/18. Registration at the event is $45. The pilot's banquet dinner is included in the registration fee. Additional banquet dinners can be purchased for $15. Friday Pizza Night tickets can also be purchased with your registration for $10, and event T-shirts and hats are $20 each. Payment for registration, dinners and apparel items can be sent to: Joe Pedone, 753 Waterside Drive, South Elgin, IL 60177, or paid on this site using PayPal or credit card. On-line registration will be available through 6/17/18.
      NOTE - Before registering, please refer to the "RULES & SANCTION INFORMATION" section for eligible aircraft information.
      >> Register Here <<
      The Windy City Warbirds & Classic event is proud to be a member of the Warbirds and Classics Alliance. Learn more about the WCA and other Warbird events at http://www.warbirdandclassics.com/ and how you can become a Warbird Warrior.
      For information and ideas on things to do while visiting our beautiful city of St. Charles, IL., click on the following link to the St. Charles Visitor Website at http://www.visitstcharles.com/  . Here you can find great ideas for all types of dining, shopping, etc. 
    • 26 August 2018 02:00 AM Until 05:00 AM
      Barnstormers Over Champaign
      August 25th and 26th 2017
      Registration Location Coordinator RC Flightdeck Champaign County RC Club Dan Kemphues   3616 W. Bloomington Rd.     Champaign, IL. 61820
        Event Sponsors
    • 28 September 2018 02:00 PM Until 30 September 2018 08:00 PM
      Streator RC Flyers announces our ninth annual Fall Scramble Warbirds & Classics Event. All sizes warbird and classic pre-1967 aircraft are welcome.
      The event covers 3 days of flying on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Come spend the weekend flying off of our finely groomed 185' x 640' grass runway.  
      Onsite overnight storage for aircraft. Primitive camping onsite for pilots, early arrivals welcome. Food and refreshments onsite, raffles, and pilot's dinner on Sunday courtesy of Dynamic Balsa.
      >> Register Here <<