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    Our flying field is the Former Champaign Municipal Landfill which was operated as a municipal solid waste landfill from approximately 1955 to 1975. As an AMA chartered Club our goal is to provide a forum for club members to exchange ideas and benefit from each others experiences with the hobby of building and the sport of flying radio controlled model aircraft. We are committed to promoting the enjoyment of safe R/C flying in accordance with AMA and Champaign County Radio Control Club rules and guidelines.

    Mailing Address Field Location
    CCRCC 3616 W. Bloomington Rd.
    P.O. Box 6105 Champaign, Il.
    Champaign, Il. 61820
    61826-6105 Click Here for Google Maps link
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    • By JShumate in Quadcopters (Drones)
      You often hear on the news or seeing a video on youtube about someone doing something unsafe with a quadcopter (note, I say quadcopter instead of drone, all radio controlled aircraft are drones regardless of the amount of props or whether it is fixed wing).
      Anyone can fly a quad safely if they follow the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), AMA (Acadamy of Model Aeronautics) and some common sense guidelines. I would like to share some of the guidelines with some no so safe videos.
      Why do we need to operate our aircraft no matter the configuration of it? Well, how many times has the government regulated things when it becomes a nuisance to the public? Up until the quadcopter craze the biggest hassle most probably had to deal with would be the noise of a giant scale gas engine (not to say nothing ever happened, but you didn't here about a 40% Extra 300 crashing on the White House lawn like we did about quad a few years ago). SO the more unsafe or ridiculous things done with quads will effect the hobby as a whole, the uneducated public sees them all the same and no longer will flying be seen as a rich old guy hobby, it'll be seen as a way for young folks out to be out to cause trouble.
      The FAA rules basically are (visit Know Before You Fly for the complete information and to register with the FAA) - 
      Follow community-based safety guidelines, as developed by organizations such as the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).
      Fly no higher than 400 feet and remain below any surrounding obstacles when possible.
      Keep your sUAS in eyesight at all times, and use an observer to assist if needed.
      Remain well clear of and do not interfere with manned aircraft operations, and you must see and avoid other aircraft and obstacles at all times.
      Do not intentionally fly over unprotected persons or moving vehicles, and remain at least 25 feet away from individuals and vulnerable property.
      Contact the airport and control tower before flying within five miles of an airport or heliport. (Read about best practices here)
      Do not fly in adverse weather conditions such as in high winds or reduced visibility.
      Do not fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
      Ensure the operating environment is safe and that the operator is competent and proficient in the operation of the sUAS.
      Do not fly near or over sensitive infrastructure or property such as power stations, water treatment facilities, correctional facilities, heavily traveled roadways, government facilities, etc.
      Check and follow all local laws and ordinances before flying over private property.
      Do not conduct surveillance or photograph persons in areas where there is an expectation of privacy without the individual’s permission
      A bit of common sense really comes into play and you really should try to be realistic about your ability for fly a certain aircraft, for example, my DJI Phantom 3 Standard almost flies itself and requires little input from me and therefore I am confident of flying it at 300 feet high and several hundred feet away from me (still within my sight) where as my Dromida Vista is not nearly as stable and requires continual input to control it, so I do not push it to the limits of the DJI even though it is technically capable of the same thing.
      A few examples of common sense items to get you thinking are "what ifs", anything what if can be a safety hazard,
      What if you decided your micro quad would be fun to tease your dog with, flying just above out of the reach of your dog - sounds fun, I am sure the pooch would have fun chasing it but oops, a slight breeze push it down just a bit quicker than you can react and now the blades are tangled in the fur of your dogs ear causing pain and a possible fit from the dog and you get bit trying to free it.
      What if you life in a major city, flying high about your house (100% over your property), it is a bit breezy and one of your motors overheats and quits, the other 3 blades try to compensate but can't and know it is spiraling out of control and crashes into an 18 wheeler on the interstate next to your house causing a 20 car pile up and getting 6 people killed.
      2 examples that are possible like many other things, and when things go bad they tend to go real bad. I just want you to think about you surroundings, know your skills and equipment well and always limit the risk of the worst happening.
      This guy thinks he is being funny, I wonder how the school district would feel if the had crashed into the bus, or how he would feel if a neighbor took a shotgun to the quad?
      Prime example of a high altitude flight which even though this guy claims no planes fly over his area, you never know when a private plane or heli will pass over. At about 8:32 you can see a train in the video, Imagine if this crashed into the conductors window.
      That's my rant about common sense safety, fly smart, fly safe. Do that and we will all get to fly for a long time to come,
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    Our field is located at 3616 W. Bloomington Rd, Champaign Illinois 61820

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    In order to maintain good relations with Grandview Cemetery directly to the west of the flying field, there is to be no model flying at the CCRCC model air park during funerals that are taking place with the exception of SMALL, LOW SPEED electric powered aircraft. These small aircraft must remain within the bounds of the field.  I will do my best to keep this page up to date with notices I receive, but the list posted at the clubhouse should be checked before flying for more current updates.

    None Scheduled At This Time

    Stop flying 15 minutes before the burial time. If possible, visually check 45 minutes after burial starts to insure it is actually over.

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