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Blue Max Scale Challenge — Highlights from the 9th Annual WW1 RC Fly In

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Founded by Mike Celesky, John Olson and Ron Prestin, the Blue Max Scale Challenge and Fly In,  held this year on January 25 to 27 at Sanford Aero Modelers RC Club in Sanford, FL., is one of the events we look forward. Not just an RC model airplane event, this is a  successful gathering with a laid back atmosphere and great camaraderie. The weather was typically great and mother nature didn’t disappoint for 9th annual event. Our ace photo guy David Hart attended the event and took some amazing photos of all the vintage aerodrome action.

Capture15.jpgThe Blue Max  is an event for anyone that is interested in early aviation and the WW I airplanes that existed from 1903-1919. It’s a celebration of the pioneer aircraft and the World War 1 fighter and the pilots that flew them. It is a way for RC pilots and enthusiasts to get together and re-create this exciting moment in time. History is preserved through events like the Blue Max. There arn’t a lot of museums or airfields remaining where you can go and see WW I airplanes fly. In the not too distant future, WWI RC events like this may actually be our only link to the past and early aviation.

Here are just a few of David Hart’s photos from the Blue Max event

Capture1-150x150.jpg Blue Max, fly in, radio control, rc airplanes, rc event, scale challenge, WW1 Capture3-150x150.jpg Capture4-150x150.jpg Capture5-150x150.jpg Capture6-150x150.jpg Capture7-150x150.jpg Capture8-150x150.jpg Capture9-150x150.jpg Capture10-150x150.jpg Capture11-150x150.jpg Capture12-150x150.jpg Capture13-150x150.jpg Capture14-150x150.jpg Capture15-150x150.jpg Capture16-150x150.jpg Capture17-150x150.jpg Capture18-150x150.jpg Capture19-150x150.jpg Capture20-150x150.jpg Capture21-150x150.jpg

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