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SIG EDGEtra 3D Hybrid EP ARF: A Beautiful Blend Of Two Awesome Aerobats

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SIG has long been known for their scale and sport scale models. From the T-Clips to the Somethin’ Extra, their models do not disappoint. That is, unless you were a hardcore 3D pilot … until now. The all new EDGEtra is a meld of two standout models in the realm of aerobatics, utilizing the wings of an Extra with the fuse of an Edge. This hand-crafted model is beautifully covered in a striking scheme that is easily identifiable while in-flight. The balsa and light ply parts are all laser cut and fit together for a perfectly assembled ARF.

siga0107_airframe_550-300x169.jpgBalsa and light ply construction make for a rigid, yet lightweight airframe.




WHO IT’S FOR: 3D and aerobatic pilots

PRICE: $289.99


  • 2-piece removable wing for easy transport and storage
  • Carbon fiber landing gear stock
  • plenty of room inside the cowl and hatch for your electronics of choice
  • Removable SFG’s
  • Ball link connectors for slop-free control surfaces
siga0107_servos_550-300x169.jpgBall links are supplied for all control surfaces for slop-free precision.


WINGSPAN: 60 inches

WING AREA: 675 square inches

LENGTH: 60 inches

AUW: 5.5-6 pounds

WING LOADING: 18.8-20.5 oz/sq ft


600-1200 watt power system, 5000-6000mAh 4S LiPo, four mini servos, radio system, various extensions and y-harnesses, prop and building tools.

siga0107_epsetup_550-300x169.jpgPlenty of room up front so no shoe horn will be needed under the cowl of the EDGEtra.


This model looks awesome! Finally, a 3D machine from the venerable manufacturer that is well designed, expertly built from the factory and includes a host of features that are usually classified as “optional” from most other outfits. With the wide range of power systems it can accommodate, the EDGEtra is sure to be the right fit for a wide variety of pilots as it can be setup from mild to wild. Best of all, the new trim scheme looks killer and is sure to aid in orientation while dazzling the crowd with your post stall prowess.





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