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  3. I agree. Great Option!
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  5. This was acquired by my son Will yesterday, plane is in good shape other than being filthy. Probably needs new electronics and a engine internal cleaning Was wondering if anyone can tell me who made this plane. It is a nitro, made of foam with a hardish vinyl covering (nothing like monokote) that has the rivets and panel lines painted/printed on it, full detailed interior with seats and cockpit controls. 72 inch wingspan And since I know little outside of full scale WW2 planes, what plane is this modeled after
  6. Hello Scott. I wanted to answer your Kunai inquiry immediately, but do not have access to my email account right now, so I'll try here! My favorite battery for the Kunai is the GPMP0836 3S 1200mAh 30C. It is narrower than others and fits the Kunai well: Though the Star connector on the battery is a T-style, it is slightly bulkier than a Deans Ultra, so if you get a Kunai and find fitting the connector under the canopy a bit of a nuisance you could just replace it with a Deans. Regarding modifications, I prefer to fly mine stock. There are several guys modifying theirs with "faster" motors and batteries, but these also require reinforcement which also makes the Kunai heavier. It will fly faster which is fine, if that's your thing. Me, I just like to putt around the sky! ;-) Seriously, the Kunai is plenty powerful and maneuverable for me the way it is. If you've ever seen me fly one (like this past Sunday), that's stock, out-of-the-box. But the Kunai thread over in RC Groups is VERY active with plenty of tips for modification if you so choose. Here's a link to the thread: Let me know if you have any more questions! Tim
  7. Other than a servo just not working, what are some ways you can tell a servo is bad? I have 2 recently with weird issues and no longer use them, The first was Hobbico brand (stock to the Electrostik)(the plane had been crashed, dunno if the servo was the cause, I don't think it was but rather the symptom may be the result of the crash), and when the servo would return to center once it was about 5-6 degrees from center it would stop and slowly go to center. So I replaced it with a Tactic TSX10 micro servo, That said one of the 3 Tactic servos I ordered would go past center before it would stop (Tower replaced it no charge, and all other Tactic servos I have do not have this issue). SO while they technically worked, they would not due for flying (perhaps in an rc car or something they might be ok, doubt it though). If you know of symptoms for bad servos post it, or if you know a fix to something someone posted please let us know.
  8. Some day when garage space allows for it i want one of these with floats on it.
  9. From the album Mark Overmier

  10. From the album Mark Overmier

  11. From the album Mark Overmier

  12. From the album Mark Overmier

  13. From the album Mark Overmier

  14. Appears to be a DJI Inspire, would like to have one of those
  15. I wanted to be out there so bad, but work got in the way
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    The club will sponsor an information booth at Market Place Mall on Saturday, March 11 from 7:30 AM until approximately 7 PM.
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    My Nieuport 17. Little bit of a handful on the ground. Pussycat in the air.
  18. Time Left: 8 days and 9 hours

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    This is an almost new Saito 100. Have the box, manual and muffler.


  19. As we all know the weather was unseasonably BEAUTIFUL last weekend. I snagged a couple photos and just thought I'd post them here. Next time I'll do better (and take more images).
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  23. From the album Bob Miller

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