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New QM 40 pylon racer

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Here's what I'm working on presently. Can't have enough pylon planes, right!?

This is an Advanced Pylon Products Sweet 1 Q40 (Quarter 40) pylon racer. I'm using a Jett brand QM 40 engine (made by Dub Jett in Texas). Comes with a fiberglass fuselage with some carbon fiber reinforcement, molded hollow wing and horizontal tail surfaces, belly pan, engine cover and modest hardware package. I'll probably paint the fuselage, but just use some vinyl graphics on the wing...002.thumb.jpg.7ca6fa633900a032398c6b1ded6da65e.jpg002.thumb.jpg.7ca6fa633900a032398c6b1ded6da65e.jpg














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Hi Jeremy. The Jett (in this plane) unloads to around 26,000 - 27,000 rpm in the air, but typically uses a slightly larger prop (7.4 x 7.6) while the Nelson unloads to around 28,000 rpm on a smaller prop (7.4 x 7.5). But these figures can change by individual engine setup (head and sleeve shims) and prop. They run on 15% nitro.



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3 hours ago, KRProton said:

Here's the finished project. Plan to maiden during practice on Friday before the race this weekend (May 20, 21) in Muncie.




Looks great Tim, can't wait to see it burn up the sky

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