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Mike Trautman

Paint Matching

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This is good to know, I got a project that could use some custom spray paint and since I can't airbrush to save to my life this would be a great alternative

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Thanks Bob. I'll see what they can do with three projects I'm working on. Imn looking at this month's Model Airplane News, page 29, at Mike Gatwood's Convair. It says he used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Satin Clear, over Behr Premium Plus paint. I'm wondering if the Ruts-Oleum Satin Clear would be a good overcoat for the custom paint mixed by Dust and Sons. Might give it a try if they think it will work.

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Custom Paint Matching - As suggested by Bob Miller and others - Dust and Son, north Cunningham, Urbana. Matched colors I needed, mixed paint and put it in aerosol cans. $20 / large can. Great service! Sold me clear coat that should help with fuel proofing. Will test and report.


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