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Relocating to West Virginia

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Hello fellow CCRCC members. I would like to use this forum to inform my CCRCC friends that I will be relocating to Beckley, West Virginia at the end of October. My wife Wendy has taken the position of Dean at a small community college in that area. The thrill and adventure of this new chapter is still outweighed by the sorrow of leaving good RC friends and acquaintances and the anxiety of everything else involved, but I’m sure that within time I’ll begin looking forward to my new life. (I can say that I’ll have one heck of a modeling shop and the best paint booth in the country in the large basement of our new home!)

In addition to the club members, I have to say I will greatly miss the CCRCC flying site as it is one of the best in the country! More about the CCRCC membership though, I am continually uplifted by how curious, interested and open the membership at-large has been to all forms of RC modeling (especially my pylon racing inclinations!). As you know, many (most?) clubs are not so welcoming. I cannot quite put my finger on why this is, but I have to think it has something to do with intelligence. I actually believe that the CCRCC membership as a whole is more educated and therefore less intimidated than other clubs who discourage types of modeling with which they are not familiar or interested.

I apologize for not informing you in-person, but since I made the announcement at work today I wanted to give you an official source of information rather than learning through the rumor mill. 

My last day at Hobbico will be October 20. I promise to keep in-touch through the CCRCC forum and will be sure to visit the CCRCC site whenever I come through.

Thank you again for all of your support and friendship over the years.

Tim Lampe

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Good luck Tim. I'll miss all those rapidly diminishing specs of planes as you race them around AND your helpful talk about the movement of the ol' electron. Good luck in the new place. You're a great guy. Sad to loss you. 

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I hate to see you leave Tim, was always fun chewing the fat with you and attempting to watch you fly (my eyes and head can't go as fast as those planes :P )

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Tim, I'm very sorry to see you leave. I enjoyed your friendship and helping you out with spotting on the F5D time trials. It's good to see folks like you working in the hobby to make it better. And thank you for your contributions to the club. Your presentation on batteries helped many, and from your advice I learned to apply covering to a model without getting so many wrinkles.

Wishing you and Wendy the best in your new jobs.


Bert Henne

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Hey, thanks gentlemen for your thoughtful replies and well wishes!

I do look forward to a new chapter in our lives, but am committed to remain "full-throttle" in the hobby (pylon racing in particular!) and also look forward to investigating the flying venues near my new location.

I do have a good feeling though that I will make it back to the area on occasion and will definitely stop in for a visit!  :-)

Maybe I'll check back in with a post of a few images of my new shop or flying site or whatever I'm up to.


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