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  1. Paint Matching

    Custom Paint Matching - As suggested by Bob Miller and others - Dust and Son, north Cunningham, Urbana. Matched colors I needed, mixed paint and put it in aerosol cans. $20 / large can. Great service! Sold me clear coat that should help with fuel proofing. Will test and report.
  2. Paint Matching

    Thanks Bob. I'll see what they can do with three projects I'm working on. Imn looking at this month's Model Airplane News, page 29, at Mike Gatwood's Convair. It says he used Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover Satin Clear, over Behr Premium Plus paint. I'm wondering if the Ruts-Oleum Satin Clear would be a good overcoat for the custom paint mixed by Dust and Sons. Might give it a try if they think it will work.
  3. Paint Matching

    I've heard people talking about a paint store in town that can match paint colors and put it in spray cans. Can anyone remind me where that is? Thanks, Mike Trautman
  4. Electronic Ignitions

    Symptom: Erratic "twitching" of control surfaces, increasing with lower engine RPM. This problem persisted for half a season on my Hobbistar / Evolution 15cc gas plane. I had two severe crashes and multiple scary episodes. After replacing radios, servos, optical switches, moving components to various positions in the plane and generally changing out everything except the engine, I discovered that the three wire servo style connector between the ignition sensor on the engine and the CDI unit was just a little bit loose. I had shrink wrapped it, but I thought I detected just a little movement, possible even internal to the connector. I used metal fishing leader crimp tubes to connect the individual wires. Problem solved and the plane has been a reliable trainer ever since. Takeaway: A solid connection between the ignition sensor and the CDI module is critical. Symptom: Erratic "twitching" of control surfaces, increasing with higher engine RPM. My giant scale P 47 originally flew with a Fuji 42cc gas engine. It suffered major control surface twitching and full throw locking until I removed the optical kill switch and isolated all the electrical components I could. The spark plug lead on that engine is unshielded. Replacing the engine with a DEL 55cc engine (shielded plug lead) solved the problem. Takeaway: Unshielded plug leads can be problematic with nearby components, like optical switches. Questions: Are CDI / plug lead components critically matched to their respective engines? Could I have just swapped out another ignition system and solved the problem?
  5. Electronic Ignitions

    I would like to start a discussion topic on electronic ignitions. I am relatively new to the subject, but have already experienced some issues and problems that I can share with the group. I hope others will chime in with their own, tips and hints too. 1. Symptom: Gradual loss of power and RPM over a five minute period with increased missing and finally quitting at any attempt to throttle above an idle. I've never given much thought to the ignition battery, basically assuming that it draws little current and that the voltage is not critical. But this was bench running a new engine with an old battery that hadn't been charged in a long time. After checking for fuel flow/blockage and throttle function, I decided the ignition battery might just be low. Sure enough, after connecting a fully charged battery, the engine "runs like new". The takeaway: Gradual loss of power may be a result of a low ignition battery. Ignition batteries deserve the same respect and care as flight batteries.
  6. Mike Trautman

    Lipo Battery discharger... 50 ohm resistor with voltage display.
  7. Preparing a LiPo battery for disposal

    Hi Tim, I use a safe and sophisticated option for battery discharge consisting of a heavy duty 50 ohm resistor and a voltage readout. It slowly discharges the battery and allows you to monitor progress and verify 0 volts. I would be willing to put it in the frequency shed for general usage. I hesitate because of the number of adapters needed to fit the variety of batteries out there and the possibility that they might get lost or disappear. If we could collect a number adapters and secure them somehow, this might be a good option. Mike Trautman
  8. Fiberglass

    I'm duplicating a cowl for a Funtana 90 in fiberglass. I have documented the process with photos and descriptions in a "Word" document, and thought I would post it here. I haven't see a way to upload attachments/documents to the forum yet unless it's the "Insert Other Media" box. Is this possible? I probably missed something somewhere. Please educate me?
  9. Pay Membership Dues Online

    Excellent addition to the site. I'll definitely use it next year!

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