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  1. Yuneec Typhoon H battery

    I use the batteries that Yuneec supplies and get approx. 20 mins flight time in warm weather. I have a balancer that allows me to use a standard charger with these batteries.
  2. It was windy, blew my hat off

    A true all-weather rc pilot!
  3. Flying in the first sleet/snow of the season

    A little hard to tell but it looks like your plane made it up and down in good shape!
  4. Bob Miller

    Latest photos from a stop at the Air Zoo near Portage, MI May 2017
  5. Relocating to West Virginia

    Good to hear from you Tim. Hope the move went/is going well. Looking forward to more posts and seeing you again sometime in the future!
  6. Relocating to West Virginia

    Best of luck to you and Wendy. Thanks for your many contributions to the club!
  7. 20170913_130708.jpg

    Thanks for the before and after photos Jeremy. Soon it will hard to remember how bad the pavilion looked. It is in such nice shape now!
  8. 5934a9707a9b6_20170603OlyII2200mah.jpg

    Nice data readout but about that FAA 400 ft. limit?
  9. Yuneec quads

    Thanks for the info. Jeremy. I also discovered that there is an adapter cable for the Yuneec batteries that allows a person to use a standard lipo charger. Good to know those options are out there.
  10. Yuneec quads

    Is it possible to use a balancing charger, e.g., HiTec X4 to charge batteries for either Yuneec or DJI quads?
  11. Paint Matching

    However, their paint is not what I would call "fuel proof". We need to think about where we are putting it. I have not asked them about this problem. Maybe they have a solution?
  12. DA 60 not running right

    My OS 65 has started doing the same thing Jeremy and Bert. Will try the low end mixture adjustment. Thanks guys!
  13. Paint Matching

    Dust and Sons in Urbana: 1702 N. Cunningham Ave. They are an automotive supply place. I have had them match paint for me and put in a spray can. They did a good job.
  14. Yuneec quads

    John Pasquale told me sometime ago that Best Buy had these in the store. I had forgotten about it, though. Thanks for the tip. I will head out there and give them the eyeball test.
  15. Yuneec quads

    Good to hear that you can actually talk to someone at Yuneec. I have hovered over the "buy" button for a Yuneec quad but have not pulled the trigger. I appreciate hearing about your experiences.

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