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The Road to Top Gun Leads to Excitement!

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Today the 31st Annual Top Gun Scale Invitational kicked off the action with great weather and some amazing airplanes! Here are some of Bret Becker’s amazing XB-70 Valkyrie Supersonic Bomber.


From Dayton, Ohio, Bret Becker will again be back Top Gun in 2019 competing with his upgraded XB-70 Valkyrie. Bret’s goal this year is to improve his flight scores and finish in the top half of the field. Over the past year his XB-70 has received several upgrades including larger LiPo packs for increased endurance, a scale drogue chute to help realism flight scores, and he relocated the landing gear to the correct scale locations for improved ground handling and an articulated c*ckpit windshield that changes shape.


Built out of balsa and ply, the Valkyrie has a painted fiberglass finish and is powered by four Schubeler HDS-30 (70mm) ducted-fan units with 1540-9 Tenshock motors. Bret’s XB-70 is 8 feet long, has a 56 inch wingspan and weighs 25 pounds.



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