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Top Gun From the Judging Table

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Each year at Top Gun, there are dozens and dozens of amazing scale aircraft that find their way to the Static Judging table . With the best judges in the industry, the Top Gun Scale Invitational has the highest level of excellence you’ll find at any scale event. Several judges share the tasks of checking scale outline, color and markings and comparing their findings against the modeler’s doc*mentation. The work is non-stop and all the judges deserve to be recognized for their efforts.



Craftsmanship judge and MAN contributor Rich Uravitch has a very unique point of view during the judging process and he has shared just some of the photos he took this year. See these amazing aircraft up close and personal brings you a whole new level of appreciation of the work and craftsmanship involved in producing a truly Top Gun level scale model.


Up close and personal, Rich Uravitch gets right up to the aircraft to check out all the fine details and how precise the builders of the models accomplished their builds. Below just some of the photos Rich took during the Static Judging process.

Capture24-150x150.jpg Capture23-150x150.jpg Capture22-150x150.jpg Capture21-150x150.jpg Capture20-150x150.jpg Capture19-150x150.jpg Capture18-150x150.jpg Capture17-150x150.jpg Capture16-150x150.jpg Capture14-150x150.jpg Capture13-150x150.jpg Capture12-150x150.jpg Capture11-1-150x150.jpg Capture10-1-150x150.jpg Capture9-1-150x150.jpg Capture8-150x150.jpg Capture7-1-150x150.jpg Capture6-1-150x150.jpg Capture5-1-150x150.jpg Capture4-150x150.jpg Capture3-1-150x150.jpg Capture2-1-150x150.jpg Capture1-1-150x150.jpg Capture25-150x150.jpg


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