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Alibre Atom3D – Easy 3D Modeling

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I have been using 2D CAD programs for more than 20 years and I have always wanted to take the next step to using a 3D CAD program. I have tried some in the past but the learning curve always got in the way and I never really mastered their use. What’s needed is an easy to use program that you can jump into and not get discouraged with. Enter Alibre Atom3D.


(Above) This JR servo was modeled with Atom3D.

Alibre Atom3D is a 3D CAD program designed to make concept and production modeling for your hobby projects easy, precise, and fast. It’s built with the same technology used in the Alibre Professional design, but the toolset is tailored and simplified to make it easy. The perfect 3D modeling program for enthusiasts, Atom3D allows you to create, edit, and refine your project and then send it to your 3D printer, CNC machine, laser cutter, or printer. Everything fits, looks great, and you waste less time and materials.


(Above) Assemblies can also be built like this RC w*nkel engine.

And the best part is the price. This modeler friendly program cost only $199! I have been getting to know this program for a while now and it really is a great product. Yes you have to rethink how you design things, (just like when you first begin using 2D CAD programs), but the overall learning curve is not nearly as steep as with other 3D programs. I really like it.


(Above) The sky is the limit. You can design and create any type of RC model you like with this easy to use program.

MAN contributor Jerry Nelson also uses Alibre Atom3D and is in the process of designing a giant scale Teal Seaplane.

The Thurston Teal is a two- and four-seat all-aluminium amphibious aircraft designed in 1968 by David Thurston.


Here are some of Jerry’s 3D models of the Teal.



Watch for a more detailed review of the Atom3D program in an upcoming issue of Model Airplane News. In the meantime, if you want to learn more about this Atom3D, CLICK HERE.

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