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In Florida the Sarasota RC Squadron requires all planes to pass a noise level test. Once passed you get a sticker for your plane and are good to go. They measure the decibels from two positions, one in front and one to the side, of the plane.

I had a DLE 55cc engine that ran more quietly than my Syssa 30cc. The m*ffler on the 55cc DLE had an odd insert in it I had never seen before. It did not seem to effect the engine's power significantly, but certainly made the exhaust note more quiet. Recently I came across the device on the internet. If you want your plane to sound better and run more quietly, for about $20 you can buy one of these...


They come in different diameters, listed for various DLE engines, but I suspect they would fit many standard size m*fflers.


The unit comes with a silicone hose for attachment, but it's better to drill a set scr*w hole.


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One internet site says you might lose a couple hundred RPM. I certainly didn't notice a lack of power using the DLE 55 on a 105" wingspan Husky, high wing monoplane. Most planes are so overpowered these days I don't think the loss would be a problem. Of course the ultimate m*ffler noise reduction might be with canisters. That's a bit pricey and complicated for my level though!

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