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Website How To (101)

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This thread will cover many how to aspects of the site for anyone looking to know how to do something here but is unsure how to do it. This is a work in progress and will take sometime to cover most things, it is/will be picture heavy so load time of the topic may be slow. Click any link below for the item you want info on.

As always if you need help and can not find the info here feel free to shoot me an email at justhatched93@gmail.com


How to Register/Join the Website

How to Use the Message System

How to Pay Membership Dues Online

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How to Register/Join the website

STEP 1 of 5 - To join the website begin by clicking "Sign Up" in the upper right corner of the site as shown below with the red arrow




Step 2 of 5 - You will then be taken to a screen where you will inout your desired username (can be anything you want it to be), your email address, desired password, AMA and FAA numbers are optional and if filled out are only viewable by you and site admins. You will need to answer the 3+2=? security question and fill in the box with what is shown in the images (will be different than in the below picture, and you will also the to click the Agree to Terms and Service box then click "Create my Account"



Step 3 of 5 - The next screen you will see will direct you to validate you email address, you will need to open your email account and look for an email from Champaign County RC Club, this email may be in your spam or promotions inbox depending on your email providers filter



Step 4 of 5 - In the email (should like like the pic below or close to it) just click "Validate my Email" as shown with the red arrow



Step 5 of 5 - That's it, you are now registered to the website, this is confirmed by your username being shown in the upper right of the site where the "Sign Up was. Also, if you log out of the site, just click "Sign In" next to "Sign Up" and type in your user ID and password (if not auto saved by your computer)




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This tutorial is to show everyone how to use the website messaging system, please note there are a few different way to send a message on the site but the end result is the same. For simplicity I am only showing 1 way of doing it. 


Step 1 of 9 - You will need to be signed into the website, just click sign in as shown in the picture below





Step 2 of 9 - Fill in your username or email address and password, click Sign In



Step 3 of 9 - Click the Information tab in the navigation bar, then click Club Roster


Step 4 of 9 - For security reason I am only showing a portion of the roster so that no ones address, phone, or email is seen by non club members, I did use Bob Miller because as President his name is already public info, I would have used myself but I can't send a message to me. Anyways, find the member you which to message, then click their website username. In Bob's case it is the rmiller4877


Step 5 of 9 - You will be taken to the selected members profile page, from here you can choose to message them with the site message system or send them an email. Note that the default settings of the site is that is you message them it will also send them an email automatically.


Step 6 of 9 - You be taken to the message screen, here simply type in a Title for the message, the contents of the message, and click send



Step 7 of 9 - You message has now been sent, if you wish to check your messages or add further replies to any message click the envelope at the top of the site (note that if you have a new message there will be a red icon next to the envelope with the number of new messages waiting for you to read)



Step 8 of 9 - Once you click the envelope there will be a drop menu containing your last five messages, I am clicking the message I just sent Bob (to see all messages click Go to Inbox at the bottom of the drop menu)



Step 9 of 9 - In this screen I can read all the messages Bob and I would have sent back and forth had this been a real message. The left column is all messages I have with anyone/everyone, To reply to the message just click area where it say "Reply to this conversation". You notice an area that has Bobs username next to my username. Next to those there is a + sign, clicking it will allow you to invite other people to the conversation if you know their username, you can have up to 10 people in the same conversation


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How to pay membership dues online


This tutorial will show you how to pay your membership dues through the CCRCC website (NOTE - you must be an active member to use this feature, meaning your membership must not have lapsed) (NOTE2 - All images are the PC version of the site, if you are on a phone or tablet the process is the same though your screen will look different).

Step 1 of 12

You must be logged into the website as shown in the previous tutorial, once logged in click "Store" in the navigation bar as shown in the image below



Step 2 of 12

Then click "Membership Dues"



Step 3 of 12

Then click the correct membership for your CCRCC status, if you are unsure please check the CCRCC Constitution (Mine is family membership)



Step 4 of 12

Fill in your current email address (This is just to keep the roster updated) and for Family memberships only fill in the names of those family members you are club members per the CCRCC ByLaws. Then click "Add to Cart"



Step 5 of 12

There will be a pop up, click "Review and Checkout



Step 6 of 12

Click "Checkout"



Step 7 of 12

Click "Place Order and Pay"



Step 8 of 12

You will be taken to Paypals page, you will have the choice of paying with Paypal or using any credit card you have saved on Paypals website, no Paypal info or card info is stored on the CCRCC website. After you pay you will be auto redirected to the CCRCC website and your transaction will be complete.



Step 9 of 12

Now that your dues are paid you will need a copy of your invoice to present to the CCRCC Treasurer as proof so that you can get the new expiration sticker for your CCRCC ID. Your invoice is available to you at anytime, however if you do not have access to a printer you can always message me (Jeremy Shumate) and I can print it off for you.

To get to your invoice, hover over "Store" in the navigation bar (do not click it) and then click "Orders" in the secondary navigation bar



Step 10 of 12

Every order you have made will be found here, click "View Details" on your current payment (I used the Senior dues for the images for this tutorial).



Step 11 of 12

Then click "Print Invoice" to get to the printer friendly version



Step 12 of 12

Then hit CTRL + P on your keyboard to print this page. Present this page to the Treasurer as proof of payment


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