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Grandview Burial Notice

In order to maintain good relations with Grandview Cemetery directly to the west of the flying field, there is to be no model flying at the CCRCC model air park during funerals that are taking place with the exception of SMALL, LOW SPEED electric powered aircraft. These small aircraft must remain within the bounds of the field.  I will do my best to keep this page up to date with notices I receive, but the list posted at the clubhouse should be checked before flying for more current updates.

Friday 1/18/19 - 11 AM

Saturday 1/19/19 - 1 PM

Saturday 1/19/19 - 2 PM

Stop flying 15 minutes before the burial time. If possible, visually check 45 minutes after burial starts to insure it is actually over.

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R. Miller Photos

R. Miller Photos
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Latest photos from a stop at the Air Zoo near Portage, MI May 2017

IMG_0657-Quick Preset_1000x1000.jpg

IMG_0670-Quick Preset_1000x1000.jpg

IMG_0674-Quick Preset_1154x866.jpg

IMG_0677-Quick Preset_1154x866.jpg

IMG_0644-Quick Preset_1154x866.jpg

IMG_0645-Quick Preset_1154x866.jpg

IMG_0699-Quick Preset_1154x866.jpg

IMG_0700-Quick Preset_1154x866.jpg

IMG_0653-Quick Preset_1154x866.jpg

IMG_1513-Quick Preset_1154x866.jpg

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