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  1. MichaelR.

    Rescue Projects

    Rescue project: finish building an airplane that was started but never finished. I'm just curious what everyone has hanging around in the shop that needs a flash of inspiration to get back on the board again. Anyone's building board. I've found a few kits in the "started" phase and the projects are sometimes more exciting than had I gotten them NIB. Most recently I finished an Astron 40 that came with a personal backstory I'm now proudly a part of. The satisfaction is more doubled. I've now got a SIG Somethin' Extra, which is cool, but I don't know who owned it last and why the project stalled. It's going to make a great fun-fly model but without that personal connection, I'm having a hard time jumping into it. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. MichaelR.

    CCRCC swap

    Does our club do any kind of swap meet? I didn't see anything on the calendar. I'm thinking of something casual (semi-private) where we take one of the evening winter social meetings and hold a swap/auction. Perhaps some proceeds could go to the club?
  3. MichaelR.

    Best Beginner Rc Planes

    Lots of good choices in there. The right choice depends on the field availability, budget and aptitude of the pilot. I would also add that a quadcopter is good for beginners because the small versions can be flown indoors, practically anytime and the eye-to-hand coordination skills learned translate directly into airplane flight.
  4. MichaelR.

    Relocating to West Virginia

    Best of luck to you, Tim! Congratulations on the new chapter. West Virginia sounds like a great place to live.
  5. MichaelR.


    The most beautiful RC club awning I've ever seen. Makes me proud.
  6. Someone has got a great idea on how to teach our kids about business, marketing and manufacturing with a model airplane kit at its heart. http://www.telemastersupplylines.com/
  7. MichaelR.

    Horizon RC Fest

    Eli Field in Monticello, Illinois The Horizon RC Fest is a fun-focused RC celebration for the entire family. Hosted by Horizon Hobby, this all-day event will feature an RC airshow, drone racing, RC product demonstrations, giveaways and more! You’ll also be able to get hands-on with all kinds of RC vehicles and aircraft. Refreshment and hobby retailers will be on site. The event starts at 10:00AM and could go past dark. Don’t miss it! No open flying.