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  1. Unker

    Flying feelings

    We have been using Tattu 16000mAh 4s batteries for two seasons now in the Antarctic. Flying the Alta 6 from a small inflatable boat in the extreme cold and 200mile offshore. These have been super dependable with a relatively linear discharge rate and flight times are amazing and have been very consistent!! Tattu are by far the best batteries we have used so far.
  2. Unker

    rc HELI lipo

    For RC heli and Aircrafts, 2200mah 3S, 5000mah 3S batteries are the ones that you will need to keep an eye on, genstattu has the big RC heli battery super sale on https://goo.gl/KoQ2NA now. This time can really save your time and money. Have Fun!
  3. Does everyone play Yuneec Typhoon H RC Hexacopter? How about flight time? I bought Ultrax 6300mah Typhoon H battery, it works well. Up to 22mins of flight time. Great done! Hm, I like their price, is cheaper than other replacement batteries. Share to Typhoon H fans. Have fun!
  4. Unker

    Best Beginner Rc Planes