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  1. Gary Wolfe

    RC Airplane Sale

    Saturday August 3rd from 9-Noon I will be selling my RC plane stuff. There is about 12 planes for sale. I also have some other things like chargers, landing gear, monocoat, servo's and anything else I can find. I will be taking offers. Thanks Gary Wolfe
  2. Planes for Sale: Due to continuing health problems that have gotten worse I have to sale most of my planes. I am looking to try and get around $150 per plane but I will always take offers. All planes are in flyable condition complete with Motor, servo's and Futaba Receiver. If you do not want the receiver then we can reduce the price some. I also have some kits that I am selling. Do not have that list together yet, If you see something you like text me at 217-714-7246. I will be trying to set up an actual sale date but I just can not plan that at this time. There are several other things like Accu-cycle (non-Lipo) battery charger, Starter, landing gear, and some other smaller items. Thanks. Gary Gary's Planes Text page 1 and 2.pdf Gary's Planes Pics015.pdf
  3. This has been taken care of Thanks to Don Jones. Thanks you so much. !!
  4. I have a 60" sailplane wing that needs to be recovered. I have tried 8 times and can not get it right. There is s slight dihedral at both ends. I have the monocote. If any one would be interested in helping or just doing it for me I will pay you. Thanks. Gary Text me at 217-714-7246 This has been taken care of Thanks to Don Jones. THANK YOU SO MUCH DON.
  5. If you wish to see some quads in person Best Buy sells them.
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