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  1. Planes for Sale: Due to continuing health problems that have gotten worse I have to sale most of my planes. I am looking to try and get around $150 per plane (some cheaper) which is complete. I will consider offers. If you see something you like text me at 217-714-7246. I will be trying to set up an actual sale date but I just can not plan that at this time. There are several other things like Accu-cycle (non-Lipo) battery charger, Starter, landing gear, and some other smaller items. Thanks. Gary Gary's Planes Text page 1 and 2.pdf Gary's Planes Pics015.pdf
  2. This has been taken care of Thanks to Don Jones. Thanks you so much. !!
  3. I have a 60" sailplane wing that needs to be recovered. I have tried 8 times and can not get it right. There is s slight dihedral at both ends. I have the monocote. If any one would be interested in helping or just doing it for me I will pay you. Thanks. Gary Text me at 217-714-7246
  4. If you wish to see some quads in person Best Buy sells them.
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