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  1. Two meter Fox glider for sale has all but receiver. To much for me to handle. Asking 50$ Gary gwp2295@yahoo.com or 6185673452
  2. Are any models actually made in the U.S. Seems like most everything is manufactured in China. Not seeing any showing made here.
  3. Dared myself, Trainer 60 wing 60" sort of like a big stick so 57" body, apprentice tail. Made one circle (lap) landed on wheels. Was not pretty but will try with a bigger prop. If still work rough will put a bigger tail feather set.
  4. Gary Pugh


    Maiden flite is successful. This is 3 different planes. Wings are d17 if I figure correctly, body is carbon cub, tail assembly is Apprentice e15, uprights in wings are carbon arrow shafts. All parts came from Mansfield back room. Top wing is 48".
  5. Gary Pugh


    an I ask if anyone has used transmitter for sale. Looking for 6 ch. Just getting started so no brand preference. Gary 6185676452 gwp2295@yahoo.com
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