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  1. David Eichstedt

    20cc DHC-2 Beaver Kit

    I'm now accepting pre-orders for the 20cc Beaver I've developed! This pre-order campaign is specifically to raise funds for placing the first inventory order. Kits should be available in the Jan/Feb time frame. Since I don't have a website yet, I've opened up a funding campaign on fundable.com. If you're interested, please see the page at: https://www.fundable.com/moustache-model-works-llc
  2. David Eichstedt


    Hey, this is my airplane! It's a Hangar 9 150-sized Ferocious Frankie that I re-covered into Chuck Yeager's scheme. For this season I've finally painted the spinner, painted a new cowl, and applied the "Glamorous Glen III" decal to the nose. It looks MUCH more finished now. It has an Evolution 33GX, Robart electric retracts, JR servos and an original DX8 transmitter.