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  1. I had a secondary repair to make from the same crash. I tried gluing one if the tail actuators back to the foam, but some glue got inside and bound it up. I found this printable part, and while it's not pretty, the tolerances are tighter than original. I think I'm going to try a couple more iterations just to learn some finishing techniques. I got to test the repairs at the field today and everything is air worthy again.
  2. This arrived yesterday. I like to imagine the FedEx guy setting the package on my lawn just as I was cratering the Nano Talon.
  3. I crashed the Nano Talon pretty good. It stayed broken just long enough to justify buying a full replacement. I have an untouched spare fuselage but of course I had to snap a wing spar this time. I extracted it, flipped it around, and glued it back in. I'm not quite sure how I tanked it so hard. I think I may have hand launched with auto stabilizer off - because I don't like the servos trying to stabilize all the way up to the launch. Normally I launch with it on and switch to manual once I have a good trajectory. So I was expecting gentle control throws that I didn't get. Then I flew in front of the sun right as the wind flipped me. The end
  4. So... I saw some night flying at the show last weekend. Fast forward a bit, now a 2.0m night radian is on the way...
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