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  1. Home Depot offers 10% off purchases as well (veterans).
  2. scoyle


    That camera must have been on a very long pole. ;-)
  3. I've called Yuneec support direct and can say, for the time being anyway, their support is outstanding. I haven't really tested the Realsense feature. It takes a lot of trust that it works and won't lead the craft into a tree. I see limited use for it unless you want the craft to blindly follow you down a wooded trail or something. Wish I didn't pay for it as I don't really use it.
  4. I have the Typhoon H Pro w/Intel realsense. So far, I like it. I've had minor problems in the beginning that have for the most part been resolved with firmware updates. The camera/gimbal combo provides very smooth video with no fuss. DJI is another a very good make IMO. I cut my teeth on the DJI F550 with Naza M flight controller. It was rock solid from the beginning and still more trustworthy than the Typhoon. Typhoon flight is far better now, but early on it did some things in the air that made me question WTF?
  5. LOWES I can't recall who in the club gave me the heads-up regarding Lowe's giving veteran's a 10% discount on all purchases - I thank you. I decided to give it a try at the checkout counter today. The cashier asked for my proof for which all I had was the word "veteran" imprinted on my IL driver's license. She said that was satisfactory and gave me the discount. I'm going to shop there more often. I know there are a number of club members who have served so let's report the veteran discount finds that are out there for those who can benefit. --Scott
  6. While it is very cool technology and I personally embrace it, I just don't see the economics of drones replacing existing land-based vehicles including motorcycle/bicycle carriers (local package delivery), Maybe in the future and you have to start somewhere, right? I DO however see huge economic savings with drones performing the jobs that would have previously required full-scale aircraft (aerial photography & survey, aerial search & rescue, etc.). Being the rotten kid I was, I would have been out there throwing a net over one of these after it landed to drop off a package.
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