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  1. I would like to start a discussion topic on electronic ignitions. I am relatively new to the subject, but have already experienced some issues and problems that I can share with the group. I hope others will chime in with their own, tips and hints too. 1. Symptom: Gradual loss of power and RPM over a five minute period with increased missing and finally quitting at any attempt to throttle above an idle. I've never given much thought to the ignition battery, basically assuming that it draws little current and that the voltage is not critical. But this was bench running a new engine with an old battery that hadn't been charged in a long time. After checking for fuel flow/blockage and throttle function, I decided the ignition battery might just be low. Sure enough, after connecting a fully charged battery, the engine "runs like new". The takeaway: Gradual loss of power may be a result of a low ignition battery. Ignition batteries deserve the same respect and care as flight batteries.
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