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Mike Trautman

Gasoline, Gas, Pump, Electric

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Electric Gasoline Pump

If you fly gasoline powered planes, you have probably run into the issue of pumping gas from the tank into and out of the plane. Most of us have extra hand cranked pumps designed for Glo Fuel. When I have use these, they seem to leak or seize up. Most electric pumps for gasoline are expensive and require complicated plumbing and mounting solutions.

Last September at the Streator Fly In, while exploring Brian's “Dynamic Balsa” hobby shop, I found a reasonably priced electric pump for fuel, or gas. For less then $25 theTurnigy pump is far less expensive then other gas pumps marketed.

I used an inexpensive 4.8v NiCad battery pack. (12v will run the pump faster, but 4.8v suits my needs just fine) To cover and protect the pump, make mounting easier, I trimmed the vacuum packaging the pump came in, cutting access to hose connections and switches.

The blister pack happened to have a second bubble in it that covers the battery pack nicely as well. I screwed the blister pack to a piece of plywood and I attached that to my gas tank. It works great. No more hand cranking and no more leaking gasoline.

Happy Landings! Mike Trautman


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