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Mike Trautman

12v / 24v Switch

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12v / 24v Switching for Starter Motors

Sullivan starters that can utilize 12 to 24 volts can be useful for starting larger engines. The Dynatron motor is rated up to 40cc, and the Megatron starter can be used up to 80cc. Typically two 12v batteries are connected in series to provide 24volt operation.

Sometimes 12volts is sufficient to start smaller engines. The lower power and RPM can be desirable. Also, a 24 volt charger is not nearly as readily available or as inexpensive as the wide variety of 12v chargers on the market.

The best solution may be to charge two 12v batteries in parallel but connect the batteries in series when 24 volts are required. An inexpensive switch can make these connections simple and easy. You need a DPDT switch, available at any hardware or electronics store.

Here is the wiring diagram you need to make the required connections. Note this diagram shows a transformer instead of batteries as the power source, but the connections are the same. (Credit goes to Sandy Thompson for the original drawing of the circuit I used for my batteries.)

12v24vSwitch.thumb.JPG.7f015d2637c2ff53946cb5a99d943dda.JPGHappy Landings! Mike Trautman

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