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Autonomous Nano Talon build

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A couple of you have seen my Nano Talon at the field. So far I've been using it for training, but my end goal for this plane is to fly autonomous medium-range routes while capturing video, so that I can explore my surrounding from a new perspective.

Shortly after getting the plane earlier this year, I also ordered a more capable flight controller, and a mini camera. The camera can record HD flight video while transmitting a lower resolution feed to the ground. I'm not interested in flying via FPV goggles, but I do like sending the signal through an old smart phone and flying that way from time to time. I have a budget 7" monitor incoming this week that I'm going to either mount into a ground station, or onto my transmitter to replace the smart phone.

Up until this weekend, the flight controller has been sitting in a box. With our first child working toward month number six, finding free time is a challenge, which is one of the reasons I've taken up RC flight - I can get out and fly for 30 minutes from time to time before having to get back in the house to attend to something baby related.

So, finally, on Sunday, the stars aligned, and I found myself with two hours of nap time to break out the soldering iron. My Airbot Omnibus F4 came bare bones, and requires soldering to even get power to it, so I spent a good bit of my allotted time just getting my bearings, and figuring out what pins do what. I got everything soldered up, and chopped / spliced a spare Nano Talon's stock ESC with 2mm bullet plugs so I can swap the FC between fuselages. It's current home is one of the NTs that a few of you saw me crater at the field :). That way I can continue to fly my good NT manually until the transplant is 100% ready to test in the air.

Next I needed to get Ardupilot firmware flashed to the board, and while I have flashed other sorts of microcontrollers unrelated to RC, it was a bit of a challenge getting my laptop to cooperate. I finally got the FC flashed, and got Ardupilot Mission Planner installed on my laptop. Mission Planner is now reading the FC's various sensors and display yaw / pitch / roll real time on my laptop monitor.

And that is about where I ran out of time. I'm not sure how long it will be before I find another block of time to invest, but I next plan to get the ESC and servos plugged in to the FC and see if I can get auto stabilization working.



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